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The programs of Building A Future Academy will provide a learning environment in which a child is helped at his or her own level to learn how to plan his own life-actions: Where a child receives love, security, acceptance, values, self control, independence, protection, and guidance and teachers earnestly try to involve a child in the excitement of learning.

The daycare and childcare programs used by Building A Future Academy provides for the total child: His/Her particular needs within their moral and spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and mental development.

The curriculum of each class encircles the vital objective of helping a child to develop a positive self- image. A wide variety of experiences are planned in order that each child has opportunities for success.
The program provides for the total child: His/Her particular needs within their social, emotional, physical, and mental development.
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At Building A Future Academy, we know that sending your baby away for the first time can be difficult. The mission of our infant care program is to give parents peace of mind by having a skilled and dedicated team of early childhood educators take care of your baby when you’re away.
Benefits of Infant Daycare:
  • Regular schedule and routine: Having a daily schedule can help young children sleep better, follow healthy nutritional patterns, and learn prosocial behavior.
  • Nutrition and care: Our experienced child care professionals will take care of your infant’s diapering and feeding needs.
  • Social interaction: Infant daycare offers a great opportunity for babies to interact with their peers in a structured and safe environment.
  • Academic preparation: Introducing children to an educational environment when they are young sets them up for a smoother transition to kindergarten.
  • Better health: Several pediatric studies have demonstrated that children who go to day care from a young age have stronger immune systems.
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Early Childhood Education for Toddlers in Louisville

Benefits of Toddler Daycare:
  • Academic Advancement: Enrolling your toddler in daycare sets them up for future success in school by introducing them to fundamental concepts at an early age. A 2016 study found that by age 5, children who attended formal childcare programs had stronger reading and math skills compared to those who did not. A 30-year study by the FPG Child Development Institute found that adults who had been enrolled as infants and toddlers in a child care program were four times more likely to have earned a college degree.
  • Social Interaction: One of the most important things your little one will learn in toddler daycare is how to better interact with their peers and other adults. Daycare teaches toddlers such fundamental socialization skills as cooperation, problem-solving, inclusion, and compassion. It also teaches them to respect non-parent authority figures — a skill that will benefit them greatly in the school years ahead.
  • Stability and Routine: The toddler program at Logan’s Treehouse offers your child a consistent schedule and environment in which to grow, helping not only you, but also your little one achieve peace of mind. Children need devoted, stable adults in order to help them feel safe, and at Building A Future Academy, our team of dedicated early childhood educators promise to always put your precious toddler first. In addition, having a regular schedule has been shown to help toddlers with sleep patterns, cognition skills, and a better overall diet, which can help prevent childhood obesity.
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Early Daycare in Louisville, Kentucky (Building A Future Academy))
Early Daycare in Louisville, Kentucky (Building A Future Academy))


Are you searching for a preschool that your child will love in the Louisville area? Look no further than Building A Future Academy! Our preschool program provides youngsters who are 3 or 4 years old with daytime supervision and fun activities from experienced childhood educators who will always put your little one first.
Benefits of Preschool
  • Social and emotional development: Preschool allows young children to get daily interactions with their peers, as well as new adults. Your little one will learn how to share with others, interpret verbal and nonverbal cues, and appropriately express their emotions. All of this adds up to the development of social and emotional skills that they can build upon for the rest of their lives.
  • Academic advancement: At Building A Future Academy, we know that learning starts in early childhood, which is why our preschool program includes daily introductory lessons on subjects such as language, math, science, Spanish, and more. Your child will learn how to properly interact in an academic environment, preparing them for the school years ahead.
  • Motor skills development: Gross motor (physical) skills are essential for children being able to perform everyday functions that we adults take for granted, such as walking, running, jumping, and sitting upright. At Building A Future Academy, we put an emphasis on physical activities, such as outdoor play, to support your child’s development of gross motor skills. We also make sure to include activities that support the development of fine motor skills (the ability to make movements using the muscles in your hands and wrists), such as ceramics, beading, and other arts and crafts.
  • Daily structure: Children flourish when provided with a regular routine. Sending your child to Building A Future Academy ensures that they will get a familiar daily schedule to provide them with a sense of security and stability — both of which are necessary for them to feel comfortable enough to express their curiosities and needs. At Logan’s Treehouse, we combine a basic everyday schedule with varied activities to keep your child feeling safe but not bored!
  • Play: For children, play means so much more than just having a good time. Play teaches children how to observe, navigate, and describe their environment. It is a crucial tool for discovery of the greater world. It also promotes creativity, empathy, motor skills, and even stress relief!
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